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Maintenance Service

Advance Technology can set up fully managed and planned maintenance to ensure you comply with all current British standards and regulations for:

Electrical Installations
Emergency Lighting
Security Alarms
Fire Alarm Systems
Portable Appliances
Lighting Protection Systems

Electrical Maintenance is very important as it ensures that problems are prevented from happening. We make regular assessments of equipment and electrical systems, identify potential problems, and then take steps to correct them. We can also make recommendations concerning the type of system you might want to install and whether your present system should be updated to increase safety or efficiency. Should problems occur, we will efficiently and effectively get the system up and running again.

Advance Technology goal is to provide our customers with efficient electrical installations, repairs and maintenance. All our projects are performed and completed in a safe and timely fashion with strict detail to quality and the utmost professionalism.

Telephone: 0151 931 3888 | Fax: 0151 931 3999 | Mobile: 07967 101 581

Email: info@advacetechnologyuk.com


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