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About Advance Technology Ltd

Advance Technology have extensive experience in carrying out high quality electrical and Mechanical
Installation projects. Whether your needs are industrial or commercial the same high levels of flexibility and
quality are assured.

We offer services from software design, software installation, Electrical and Mechanical installation, Testing and inspection, and general site setup. In other words the full package.

We take great pleasure in submitting competitive quotations for projects in the imminent or distant
future and our highly skilled team are able to meet your dead lines, and ensure that however large or
small a project maybe, we shall offer total solutions along with reassuring peace of mind.

Advance Technology has completed electrical and Mechanical installations all over the world, from the car industry, water treatment industry, to the food industry, Construction Industry, to name but a few, If we can be of any assistance to your company, please do not hesitate to call

Yours Faithfully

Ron Turton
Company Director
Advance Technology Ltd

Telephone: 0151 931 3888 | Fax: 0151 931 3999 | Mobile: 07967 101 581

Email: info@advacetechnologyuk.com


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